Frequently Asked Questions…

What exactly is the process when I order my door?

We work with you every step of the way to create your ideal and unique entryway. We start with design and make sure you are getting what you want before we move on to building your door. For more information, go here.


How long have you been in business?

Doug started woodworking in 1971 and opened his first woodworking business, Walden Woodworks, in Orange County, California in 1978.  The business moved to Durango, Colorado in 1985 and the name was changed simply to Doug Christie, Doormaker.  In 1999, with the addition of staff, the business name was changed to Christie’s Wood and Glass.   Thirty-five years in business, twenty-eight years in Durango.


Do you have references?

Unsolicited comments from former clients can be found here.   Additional or specific references can be arranged.


Do you make “normal” doors like a four-panel door?

We make wood doors of all designs.  Since many of these designs are common and seen on many web sites, we are less inclined to feature photos of them here.


Do you install doors?

While we have installed doors locally in the past, we do not currently have the facilities available for installation.  However we gladly refer local customers to Durango Remodeling.


Do you build other things aside from doors?

Yes.   We are often called on to coordinate other woodwork in the home with our doors.   Please contact us for details.


Are they more popular than other doors you’ve created in the past?

In a nutshell, YES!


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