About Us

With over 40 years of experience, Doug Christie embodies the phrase “Craftsmanship at its Best.” Once you see the entryway he has crafted for you, you will own a piece of the passion that he has.

Doug realizes that mistakes are costly.  If something unexpected happens, he endeavors to find the reason, and develops a method to keep it from happening in the future. 

There are a lot of woodworkers out there and they would all like to build your entryway, but exterior doors require skill and technology to keep them beautiful and fully functional, despite the erratic weather conditions on the exterior and consistent temperature and humidity on the interior.  Not all woodworking skills, wood species, or adhesives are up to the task.

Christie’s Wood and Glass is where all the details of art, design, technology, skill, knowledge, and experience culminate in a product that you will enjoy throughout your lifetime.

The Shop

Our shop and showroom are located 6,700 feet high in the Rocky Mountains outside of Durango, Colorado.  We are in the Animas Airpark, 1.1 miles south of Home Depot, off La Posta Rd. (County Road 213).  The air is dry at this elevation, and keeps our kiln-dried lumber at consistent humidity levels through the construction process.  Since we are not close to any metropolitan areas, we are quite used to shipping or delivering great distances.

Durango, Colorado

If you appreciate the city life, Durango isn’t close to anywhere. The nearest Macy’s is in Albuquerque, 3 hours away. But if you’re into nature, Durango is close to heaven on Earth. Nestled in the Animas River Valley of the San Juan Mountains at 6,512 feet, our hometown boasts recreation unlimited. World class fishing, mountain biking, skiing, climbing, and kayaking abound here.

Durango is the home to Fort Lewis College, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, and Purgatory Ski Area. It could very well be the archaeological capital of the United States with all of the digs and Anasazi ruins here. Even the X-Files finds the region noteworthy!  The people are an interesting blend of races, religions, cultures, incomes, and ages, but there is a common thread:  We like it here!  There is an abiding love of nature and the mountains.

The Artists

Doug Christie
has been designing and building custom entryways since 1978. He has lectured to Interior Design and Woodworking classes on subjects including stained glass technique, interior and exterior wood finishes, door and window construction, and the commissioning of custom work.  

In 1982, he was a charter member of the Orange County Woodworkers Association in Orange County, California, and served on its Board of Directors for three years, his last year as President. 

Doug moved to Durango in 1985 and began to share his unique line of entryways which were marketed to dealers predominantly on the West Coast.   The shop went retail, with a showroom and internet presence in the form of entryways.com, in 1999.  Like all artists, he puts his heart into everything he makes.

Terri Bonham’s eclectic style in stained glass and carving / etching glass reflects her training and experience over 2 1/2 decades.  Her first glass art training took place in a barrio of Los Angeles.   Although primarily self-taught, she took formal training in Sedona, Arizona, where she designed architectural glass for homes built by her husband and general contractor, Tuck Bonham. 

Her work has been noticed and commissioned by architects, designers, craftsmen, and homeowners.  In 2001, she was trained in etched and carved glass by Norm and Ruth Dobbins of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Terri prefers to work in varied styles, including traditional, cottage, contemporary, and craftsman.   She has also done commissioned works of wildlife and nature scenes.  Her pieces reflect movement, unusual in glass media.  In 2000, the Durango Arts Center honored Terri as a Featured Artist.




We realize that these economic times are difficult.  We encourage you to keep Americans working by buying American-made products whenever possible.  Many people don’t know that most low-cost, designer doors, glass, and hardware are manufactured overseas.  While we offer products from numerous manufacturers around the world, we would be happy to put together an All-American package, utilizing only components manufactured in the United States and materials produced in the United States.  Such a package would feature the following:

    • Doors and other woodwork built in the United States, using lumber harvested and milled in the United States
    • Finish applied here in Colorado, using stains and varnishes manufactured in the United States.
    • All prehanging and assembly work performed in the United States.
    • Hardware manufactured in the United States.
    • Art glass built in the United States.
    • Insulated glass assembled here in Colorado

It is fairly common knowledge that American made goods are more expensive than their foreign counterparts.  Cheap labor, materials, taxes, and production costs allow foreign manufacturers to produce at lower expense.  American goods are most competitive in price at higher quality levels.  In over thirty years of service, we have never encountered a foreign-made door product that even comes close to the quality that we produce.

Customer satisfaction is important to us.  We try to keep our custom entryway priced as low as possible to provide incentive for our customers to purchase a door of the utmost quality.  They have never regretted doing so!

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